From Viral Korean Pop Manicures to 3D Fingernail Art

 - Nov 27, 2012
Stand out by using one of these cute character nail art designs for your next diva relaxation custom manicure

It takes a true artisan to draw a cartoon figure on the pink surface of your fingernails. Next to your facial features, your nails are one of the most noticeable physical features on the body. If you are wearing a banging lacquer, it's not going to go unappreciated. Surprise onlookers by painting on a likeness of the angry bird characters, ready and rearing to knock down unstable structures. Maybe you grew up watching Pokemon, if so paint give your nails a Pikachu manicure that's bright and adorable.

If you have the patience and the knack for painting on small canvases, then these cheeky character nail art designs will be a rewarding experience.