From Macho Watches to Manly Dirt Pants

 - Dec 25, 2009   Updated: Jul 27 2011
The wait is finally over, macho innovations have arrived. That’s right friends and foes, the most macho things have been gathered in one place for your viewing pleasure.

You think you don’t need gratuitous amounts of macho innovations, but you do. After all, you wouldn’t be the man or manly woman you are today without macho billboards or heavy-duty knitting equipment.

Implications - The rise of the metrosexual male has resulted in a very niche, but powerful backlash of utter and complete masculinity. Though most view the recent shift in gender roles as positive progress, others are still looking to hold on to their age-old, ancient urge to serve as the provider and protector. This has resulted in an array of hyper-masculine products.