Matthias Lange's 'Smash' Alarm Can Tough Out Your Morning Temper

 - Jan 27, 2009
You are on a white velvet beach, walking by aquamarine crystal waters in front of the ruby-red setting sun. Your favorite music plays in the background. You pass a sculpted rock and on the other side you see a figure; your eyes meet, your heart starts beating faster. In your mind it is clear that you are in the presence of your soulmate; you hesitantly approach each other, your hands touch, your heads lean, and… the alarm clock goes off!!!

Now wouldn’t you need a clock that can take the beating? We introduce to you the "Smash," a badass alarm clock with an angelic design. The top surface of this device is so designed as to accept your everyday punching and turn it into a harmless deformation. It better be tough enough, though, ‘cause I really don’t appreciate being drawn away from my lovely dreams.