The Chuck Norris Action Jean from the '80s Makes a Comeback

 - Oct 9, 2009
References: chucknorris & facebook
With the recent worship of all that is Chuck Norris--who, strangely enough, resembles my own father to such a marked degree insofar as being mistaken for the man while vacationing in the tropics--it was only a matter of time before the martial arts master's ‘80s line of Chuck Norris Action Jeans gained notoriety.

The Chuck Norris Action Jeans feature a "unique, hidden gusset which allows for greater movement without binding or ripping." They also allow you to look great while doing roundhouse kicks.

These Chuck Norris Action Jeans have become the holy grail of vintage finds, with everyone clambering to get their hands on a pair. With people spewing off lines such as "Who needs a gun when you have Chuck Norris Action Jeans?" all I can say is... epic.