Bulky Acme Comrade Series is Built For the Battlefield

 - Jul 10, 2009
References: acmeportable & chipchick
We’ve become so comfortable with netbooks smaller than a standard hardcover laptop so this computer might be a little strange or frightening to everyone.

The Acme Comrade series of ‘laptops’ are too busy helping defend their country to think about looking pretty. These bulky suckers come with different LCD displays for different situations (glare, night, etc.). It has an optional touchscreen function and a lot of exterior armor (just look at it). Due to its size, the Comrades need 2-dual system cooling side fans in order to ensure its life in the trenches.

It really makes you think about the fact that a computer that large is a necessity for those soldiers while here in North America, we wouldn’t dream of even looking at that computer.