From Yarn-Wrapped Spectacles to Pom-Pom Body Suits

 - Nov 14, 2011
Crocheted creations are no longer just associated with grandma. What was once an elderly lady’s hobby has transformed into a pop culture phenomenon. The importance of knits is prevalent in fashion with the return of crocheted couture.  Wool wear is no longer considered out of date but is fashion-forward. Warm styles are not the only nifty knits around these days as knitted art installations, furniture, lighting, pet accessories and jewelry are just some of the exciting objects made of wool.

Wool is a versatile and flexible material that has been used for ages. These crocheted creations are what you want them to be, whether edible or wearable. Whether we see use them for warmth or aesthetics, knitted wools are a classic material that is always being reinvented in our society and in popular culture.