- Jul 1, 2016
Shower-replacing body powders, celebrity skincare lines and comprehensive beard kits are among some of the top June 2016 personal care products.

One of the most popular product types seems to be wipes, which come in convenient single-use packets that are ideal for on-the-go use. The most innovative wipes today go far beyond just cleansing the face, hands and body. Now, there are hyper-specific wipes for everything from removing shine from the surface of a bald head to instant tanning and complete oral cleansing.

In order to appeal to consumers of all ages who are interested in the vibrancy that comes with the maintenance of well-being, most new packaging designs embrace natural motifs and lively colors in order to communicate the benefits that will be passed onto consumers with continued use.

From Facial Tanning Mists to Bald Head Wipes: