Etsy's LONEWOOD Shop Specializes in Organic Grooming Products

 - May 3, 2016
References: etsy & etsy
This natural aftershave from Etsy's LONEWOOD shop consists of ingredients like peppermint water, rosemary and hydrating aloe very juice. In addition to moisturizing one's face when applied, this natural remedy also purifies and prevents acne with the help of its witch hazel additives.

Specializing in organic grooming products, Etsy's LONEWOOD shop creates made-to-order versions of its many remedies and ships each worldwide from Canada. Each natural grooming product features no harsh chemicals, making it gentler and more eco-friendly than most competing drug store offerings.

A soothing skincare solution, this natural aftershave will leave one's complexion brighter, softer and more balanced after use thanks to its organically sourced ingredients -- a staple of age-old skincare remedies and healing elixirs.