From Aerial City Slicker Editorials to Futuristic Sporty Fashion

 - May 28, 2012
The June 2012 photoshoots now covering the pages of magazines like Vogue, Elle and InStyle usher in the official start of summer. Sizzling poolside productions have been broadcasted alongside funky flip flops and an assortment of eccentric beach toys, leaving viewers desirous of some much-needed fun in the sun.

Aerial city slicker editorials and futuristic sporty fashion spreads are only some of the ways in which designers and photographers have played up on the seasonal shift. There is a certain change associated with the warm months that brings about new dietary regiments and workout plans. And while some may prefer the colder months for a variety of reasons, these displays have certainly turned up the heat, showcasing an array of colorful shorts, skirts and unthinkable hats.