The Elle USA 'Training Day' Photoshoot is Multi-Hued and Agile

 - May 19, 2012
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The June 2012 Elle USA 'Training Day' photoshoot featuring Liberty Ross showcases a variety of electric colors. The tight spandex pieces honed in on here give way to the production's athletic theme, aided via the retro display of classic Nike crop tops and stretchy sports bras.

Sports-themed editorials have become a commonplace focus in the fashion industry. The movement displayed by international supermodels while engaged in tennis, running or swimming activities allows photographers to capture vivid images, unforgettable to the minds of many. Elle USA's Training Day takes this preoccupation with agility one step further, this time showcasing ensembles that make use of technicolor jewelry, sunglasses, footwear and earrings. Bright cubic furniture and a chunky assortment of bags added even greater notes of eccentricity.