The Cosmopolitan USA June 2012 Janaina Reis Snapshots are Sultry

The Cosmopolitan USA June 2012 'Set the Night on Fire' photoshoot stars model Janaina Reis and Rock of Ages actor Diego Boneta. The pictures unfold at a romantic getaway spot, brought alive with beams of vibrant sunlight. The interchanges between Reis and Boneta are lustful, met with piercing gazes put on by the pair in each others direction.

The Set the Night on Fire production was directed by photographer Diego Uchitel. According to the magazine's description, sizzling fashion is now defined by bold Latin looks, bringing billowing skirts and exaggerated droop earrings to the table. The publication has certainly played up on this theme, producing an unmatched, albeit staged, dramatic performance between the chic icons. The vacation theme is fitting here, furthering the exotic interplay.