The 'Miranda on my Mind' Numero Tokyo June 2012 Photoshoot is Retro

The 'Miranda on my Mind' editorial for the June 2012 issue of Numéro Tokyo builds upon retro 1950s themes in a new and highly edgy way. The images are concentrated around the talented Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr, favored by fans for her uncanny ability to pull off the most daring of outfits. This photoshoot by Nino Munoz further confirms her couture abilities via a showcasing of funky, retro ensembles.

The 1950s motif has been a go-to for a long list of magazine editorials. The bulk of these features have highlighted the iconic housewife, clad in pleated skirts and pearls, frequently wielding household cleaners. The Miranda on my Mind feature goes against the grain here, instead offering a twist on the traditional concept. Kerr is found wearing dark fishnet gloves and even within a revealing red lace top, effectively reinventing the appearance of the vintage modest woman.