The Krzatala Cosmopolitan USA June 2012 Photoshoot is Spirited

The Cosmopolitan USA June 2012 photoshoot is centered around the free-loving Polish model Zuzanna Krzatala. The editorial's destination is optimal for beachside apparel, showcasing a beautiful white sand shore, blue waves and bright green trees. The majority of high-fashion snapshots that take place at such locations are typically sultry, displaying women in daring bikinis and revealing ensembles. This particular selection has gone in the opposite direction however, displaying a partially or fully clothed Krzatala.

This tasteful collection stays true to the Cosmopolitan USA style, showcasing funky eclectic ensembles that can be replicated by women of most ages. The pages also inform readers of apparel prices and labels, making the replication of these outfits quite simple. And so, towering wedges and triangular-patterned pants may be seen this season.