From Smart Shopping Mirrors to Conveyor Belt Dessert Bars

 - Jul 29, 2018
From smart mirrors that help consumers shop, to conveyor belts that showcase different menu items, the July 2018 retail trends reveal how brands are making the in-store experience easier and more convenient than ever before -- especially in the age of e-commerce.

On the one hand, technology been instrumental in improving the in-store shopping experience. For instance, Perch Interactive uses technology to detect when consumers pick up or put down products, and then triggers "delightful and informative experiences at that critical moment when they consider purchase." Similarly, Mastercard and OAK are using digital smart mirrors paired with RFID technology to identify products as they are brought into the dressing room.

However, not all in-store changes are so futuristic. On the simpler side, Japan's Maison Able Cafe Ron Ron is shaking up the way consumers enjoy dessert, but bringing out different menu items via conveyor belt.