From Pricey Street Meat Meals to Extravagant Diamond Manicures

 - Jul 25, 2015
The July 2015 luxury products will give you insight into what affluent consumers are seeking in terms of high-end goods. This summer such customers are defining indulgence in lavish interpretations of typically low-meals, opulent alcoholic beverages and lush beauty and spa treatments.

There are several examples of inexpensive and even fast food items that are being altered to include luxe ingredients. This includes putting caviar on Twinkies and even sausage-topped pizza. Burgers, street meat, ice cream cones and cheese sandwiches are no exception.

When it comes to alcohol, there is a focus on refreshing beverages like champagne and tequila. July 2015 luxury products also extend to summery drinks like milkshakes.

Pricey skincare for men, on-demand massage services and designer toiletries are other ways brands are making every day life seem more extravagant to consumers who can afford the best of the best and prefer to flaunt that wealth.