From Stealthy Flasks to Bottle Combo Locks

 - Feb 10, 2013
If you're a person who thinks that any time is a good time for a drink, these intoxicating booze dispensers should pique your interest.

While most alcohol aficionados are used to drinking their tonics from a standard glass or bottle, it's time to get more creative with drinking with these clever booze dispensers. From uniquely modeled bottles, flasks and glasses, to creative dispensers made out of ammo boxes and belt buckles and even edible shot glasses, there's lots of room to get your booze on in unique fashion. If you want to be more subtle about your alcohol ingestion, there's a slew of stealthy booze dispensing solutions out there that will hide containers in common clothing and other items.

I propose a toast to some creative booze dispenser designs. Bottoms up!