The Beer Jug Jokki Hour Will Make You Feel Like You're at the Bar

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: japantrendshop
With many parts of North America in the midst of a heat wave, nothing sounds more refreshing than a cold, well-poured beer, which the Beer Jug Jokki Hour will happily provide. Here, we usually like our beer with less froth on top, but over at Japan Trend Shop, they claim it’s because North Americans "less enlightened." Before you start foaming at the mouth, have a look at this foam-making products.

The Beer Jug Jokki Hour -- "hour" is a play on the Japanese word "awa", meaning "foam" -- encourages a thing layer of foam on beer not unlike what you would get form a tap. Yes, the Japanese like their foam. In the words of Japan Trend Shop, the foam is the "refreshing white froth that always crowns a local fresh draft." Just fill the mug 3/4 full, and then press the switch on the handle. Bubbles foam immediately, creating that fresh-looking layer of foam.

The Biru Awa Beer Can Dispenser can fit any can size and stirs the beers before it is poured into the glass, forming new bubbles.