- Nov 11, 2014
These ramen noodle tributes range from instant meal rap videos to ramen-worshiping tees that are both fun and fashion-forward. Fans of the 5 minute meal are sure to enjoy this list of oddities, fashions and other items that are an unexpected homage to the tasty snack.

Ramen noodle meals are the perfect option for hungry students or young professionals on a tight budget. Not only are the packaged meals incredibly inexpensive but they are also quick to make, fool-proof and most of all really delicious.

These ramen noodle tributes celebrate the cheap and cheerful meal. If you're not interested in sporting a ramen-inspired statement tee then you can give Japan's ramen soap a try or even visit a ramen-inspired museum on your next trip abroad.

From Instant Meal Rap Videos to Ramen-Worshiping Tees: