Paul Carff's Kegdroid Gives Way to the Future of Bartending

 - May 2, 2012
References: thenextweb &
Set on revolutionizing beer drinking as we know it, Google developer Paul Carff has debuted a video explaining his newly premiered digital keg. Using a specially designed keg and an Android tablet, the Kegdroid beer dispenser maintains the quality of a human server while integrating the intelligence of technology.

Carff, a longtime home brewer with a natural aptitude for tech, seems like a natural fit as the creator and face of the robotic bartender. Keeping in mind that some sort of personal verification would be necessary in order to commercialize the tech keg, Carff cleverly integrated a badge system with which the age and preferences of a user could be determined.

The digitized kegs, if properly marketed and tweaked, could make a huge impact on the alcohol industry. Though lacking the personality of a human bartender, the Kegdroid could be an eye-catching addition to bars and restaurants around the world.