The Gummi Shot Glasses are a Tasty Treat After a Nasty Shot

 - Feb 1, 2013
References: amazon & shutupandtakemymoney
For a delicious after shot snack, the Gummi Shot Glasses have you covered.

The candy-made cups pair well with a shot of liquor or anything else that might come to mind. A fine snifter of juice out of one of these might be just the ticket to enjoy as an after dinner sweet or to start off a night of drinking. They come in packs of six and tote a cherry flavor that will please those that pout after a fest shot of booze. Make sure to inform your guests to eat their glass after their shot to ensure none are slammed victoriously onto the table.

While they might be perfect for the sorority house, the Gummi Shot Glasses would also make a perfect method for giving a picky child a dose of medicine.