The Lockey Bottle Lock Makes Sure Not Everyone Gets Inebriated

 - Sep 26, 2012
References: amazon & ohgizmo
The Lockey Bottle Lock can be meant for many people. While some would think it obviously keeps alcoholics away from their drinks of choice, the Lockey Bottle Lock can also be used to stay out of the reach of children as well as those who simply should not be having a taste of its sweet nectar. That includes sick patients and more. At the end of the day, however, people can also play fun and unexpected pranks with the unique combination lock.

Keeping fine wines, liquors and other beverages safe and secure from thirsty individuals, the Lockey Bottle Lock may seem like an extreme addition to people's alcohol collections. Nevertheless, what is the harm if it keeps people's minds at peace? If anything, it will show people just how serious one is about their liquer.