Make Your Costume More Conviencing With Beer Belly Halloween Props

 - Oct 5, 2012
References: urbanoutfitters & lostateminor
If you plan to be Santa, Peter Griffin or Homer Simpson when you go out to your costume party this October, the beer belly Halloween props by Urban Outfitters will help make your costume legit.

The beer belly is a nylon pouch that straps onto your waist and can be filled with either hot or cold liquids. A neoprene sling secures the pouch to your body without causing any uncomfortable chaffing. The best thing about this fake belly it isn’t just for stuffing, you can actually drink the liquid without anyone being the wiser. There is a clear tube that is hidden under your clothes and extends from the sack towards your mouth.

As All Hallows Eve night goes on and the costume party gets wilder, the beer belly Halloween props will gradually deplete in size and you’ll be left with a nice buzz.