47 Inventions For Clones, Twins And Identical Triplets

 - Oct 15, 2008
While naturally-born identical triplets are certainly a rarity, what's even more bizarre is the preponderance of products marketed towards multiples. Between inventions for couples, the advancement of genetic cloning and engineered android clones, it seems that our culture favors multiples--whether they're naturally produced or engineered in a lab.

Kevin, Declan and Cormac Lyons, the identical triplets born recently in New York weren't conjoined, but in another East Coast city, the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland is running an exhibit on modern miracles of a different sort called Monsters to Modern Medical Miracles: Selected Moments in the History of Conjoined Twins from Medieval to Modern Times. And in a slightly more bizarre twist on conjoined limbs, a twin in an article below amputated one of his arms to give his brother a third arm.

There are a number of products specifically marketed for couples. The Lyons identical triplets might have to contact the makers of the TwoDaLoo to adapt their side-by-side twin toilets to accommodate three users. And the Twinned MP3 player is great for couples, but would be even better for three users with similar music tastes.

Kerry and Desmond Lyons will have their hands full for awhile with their identical triplets, but let's hope they have a spare moment to check out some of our other multiple and cloned inventions below.