From Hooded Bodysuits to Disco Daywear

 - Oct 18, 2009   Updated: Jul 21 2011
The hoodie is the most versatile article of clothing I have in my closet. If it is cold outside, I put the hood up. If it then gets warm, I put the hood down and push the sleeves up. Perfect.

To celebrate the hoodie, we have come up with 50 hoodie goodies to get you through your chilly day. Check out all the hooded innovations below, from hooded bodysuits to disco daywear.

Implications - My favorite of these hip hoodies has got to be the superhero simulation sweatshirts, which lets wearers suit up as Batman whenever they zip up the garment in its entirety. Other notable hoodies include the Stormtrooper hoodie as well as the blow-up doll hoodie.