From Pineapple Bangles to Sunny Citrus Style

 - Nov 30, 2011
Fruity fashion is serving as definite inspiration for many high style editorials and designer collections. Fruit-inspired styles include more literal examples like strawberry sweaters as well as interpretive pieces like citrus-colored handbags.

The bright color hues, rich textures and organic shapes found in fruit are easy to draw inspiration from. Fruit-inspired fashion finds are a worldwide phenomenon with luxury shoe makers releasing banana-heeled pumps while fruit-hued footwear dominates street-worthy wardrobes.

These dynamic fashion depictions take cues from fruit, using their shapes, textures and vibrant hues to create distinctive fashion shoots, eye-catching ensembles, edible accessories and fruitful footwear.

Whether one is looking at fruity celeb stage costumes or at orchard ornament accessories, it is clear that fruity fashion is very prevalent, making it fresh, new, bold and relevant.