Zipz Shoes are Becoming a Currency in Schools

 - Mar 24, 2010
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For most kids, allowances do not afford much and purchases tend to be well monitored. Because of this, youngsters obtain a keen knowledge of the barter system very early on. What began at the lunch table, a fruit roll-up for a juice box, soon became a juvenile enterprise. Baseball and other sports cards began being called trading cards. Stickers, Slap Bracelets, and Pogs soon became currency in schools everywhere.

Today, kids are exchanging iPods to share music, and even...shoe tops. Thanks to Zipz shoes, kids are now able to collect shoe tops relatively inexpensively.

Zipz shoes offers a decorative variety of accumulated shoe tops that can be interchanged by simply unzipping a shoe top from the soul, and zipping on another. If a shoe top doesn't match a child's winter wardrobe, or if grandma didn't get them the shoe top adorned with flames, surely there is another willing to swap.

And because the shoe tops from Zipz shoes are reasonably priced and easy to store, kids can now amass a reservoir of styles.