'Hanayui' by Takaya Hanayuishi is Eccentrically Grandiose

 - Nov 15, 2011
References: takaya.boo.jp & dezeen
Eccentric headwear is never out of style, especially if this fashion is eco-friendly like the pieces from the collection titled 'Hanayui' by Takaya Hanayuishi. The Japanese artist Takaya Harayuishi used flowers and raw fruits to create beautiful adornments for the head.

His accessories are stunning and grandiose as they are extravagant creations that styled the hair and the models. Vegetable, fruits and all kind of flowers are arranged to create exclusive designs that will later be used as hats or hair adorns for special occasions like weddings or performances.

Hanayui by Takaya Hanayuishi brings nature closer the people's consciousness reminding them about the mesmerizing colors and patterns found in raw, organic elements. Takaya studied culinary and he started his work with plants and food in 2004.