From Historical Meal Breakdowns to Campfire Treat Charts

 - Jan 23, 2012
These fascinating foodie infographics may make you think twice about your usual eating habits. Eating is just as much a cultural exercise as it is a necessity. What people are consuming and how often has a powerful impact on the way the global community interacts and, on a smaller scale, how these dietary choices impact businesses and governing bodies.

From exposing statistics about the use of pesticides on produce to caffeine-related facts, these foodie infographics expose the larger social repercussions common everyday edibles have. They may make you look at what's on your plate with a more critical eye. Providing ample inspiration to change the way you approach the edibles in your life.

Illuminating, delicious and slightly terrifying, these foodie infographics provide an informative window into the world's relationship with consumables.