The Birth of Breakfast Cereal Infographic Travels Back in Time

 - Sep 25, 2011
References: onlyinfographic
This Birth of Breakfast Cereal infographic is a fascinating read. It takes you through the history of breakfast and lets you know just how much times have changed and how cereal, the most popular breakfast in North America, came to be.

The Birth of Breakfast Cereal Infographic starts in the mid-1800s, when breakfast was typically eggs, bacon, toast, biscuits, sausage, butter and jam. I'm not sure about you, but I need to be suffering from one heck of a hangover to indulge in a breakfast like that.

A man named Jack Kellogg also makes an appearance in the Birth of Breakfast Cereal infographic. My absolute favorite aspect of this infographic, however, is the distinction between children's cereal and serious grown-up cereal. The kids' kind is labeled "Sugar! Now with ADHD!" while the adult cereal sports the label, "Tastes Like Circles."