The Halloween 'Chopped Up' by Shoppers Infographic Reveals All

A delightful insight into the secret cravings of adult shoppers during Holiday season is what the Halloween 'Chopped Up' by Shoppers infographic is all about.

The charts break down the inner sweet-tooth wishes of many. Did you know that the favorite part of Halloween for most shoppers is the candy side? (No surprise there.) Also, a juicy find is that 59% of the men prefer women in attractive costumes rather than any funny or scary get-ups. Whereas only 49% of the guys wear funny costumes for this spooky holiday, the truth is that 68% of the ladies prefer men in funny costumes. Sure hope this helps some of you people tonight.

So if you are still wondering what to whip up for tonight's Halloween party, well, the Halloween 'Chopped Up' by Shoppers gives you a pretty good idea.