- Nov 10, 2011
This top list of food-focused social enterprises explores the ways in which food has consequences on lived experiences. Community, poverty, health and happiness are simply a few of the areas that food can have an astounding impact on -- positively or negatively.

Quite literally -- and obviously -- food is life. But so many food companies do more harm than good, whether it be through environmental degradation or factory farming. These food-focused social enterprises, well, turn the focus back on food, instead of solely considering profit. Some of these innovative business models incorporate community programs into their missions and simultaneously address issues such as food poverty and fair trade. Too many communities around the world live in areas in which they are isolated from healthy food options and projects like the Corbin Hill Farm, for one, try to change the way people access, afford and consume food.

From Well-Wasted Cuisine to Ethical Gastropubs: