Eat My Words Dedicates Funds to the Stephen Lewis Foundation

 - Aug 26, 2011
Eat My Words, a Toronto-based confection company, is delicious inside and out. Founded by Jeanne Grierson in 2001, Eat My Words was first conceived as an enterprise that would raise money for Out of the Cold. Since then, the social business has changed up its mission: proceeds are now donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

The Stephen Lewis Foundation is dedicated to funding grassroots organizations that are doing seminal HIV/AIDS work in Africa -- and the reach is unparalleled. Having funded over 700 initiatives funded, the Stephen Lewis Foundation has worked with over 300 community-based groups in over 15 African countries.

With intricate flower designs and dazzling sprinkles, the cupcakes themselves look too delicate to eat, in reality however, they're beyond lip-smacking. While there may not seem anything prettier than Eat My Words' high intensity cupcakes, cookies, brownies and cakes, what's truly beautiful is the company's dedication to positive social change.

Contact Information:
300 Campbell Avenue, studio 307
Toronto, Ontario
M6P 3V6
Telephone: 416 489 7700