EthniCity Catering Gives Calgary Newcomers Tools to Succeed

 - Sep 29, 2011
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EthniCity Catering is a Calgary-based catering company that specializes in providing their customers with high-quality multi-ethnic food made by immigrant women new to Canada. EthniCity provides these women with vital Canadian work experience and employable skills to ensure their success in their adopted country. The idea was born when women participating in Calgary's Newcomers' peer support group began receiving requests to cook and sell their traditional dishes. In 1998, with the financial support of The Calgary Foundation, EthniCity Catering was born.

EthniCity employees work part-time in the kitchen while exploring more permanent forms of employment. While working, these women have the opportunity to gain work experience, learn the language and build self-esteem in a safe supportive environment. The women benefit from a consistent pay check as well as training and transitional employment programs. The average EthniCity Catering employee is employed for an average of 3 months before moving on to full-time employment elsewhere.

Aside from providing support for new Canadian females, EthniCity also boasts a mouth-watering menu. Offering Mediterranean, East Asian, South Asian, Latin American and Canadian favorites, there is something to satisfy even the most fickle of palettes. Each dish is steeped in the cultural tradition of their employees. As much as these women receive from EthniCity they give back through their remarkable culinary knowledge and their well-practiced recipes. Customers of EthniCity also benefit from eating food that is free of trans fats, artificial colors and preservatives.

EthniCity has created a healthy mutually beneficial relationship with these women. Reaping the benefits of the skills they already possess to further their business and foster confidence amongst the women, while also providing their employees with the skills to succeed outside the EthniCity kitchen. EthniCity Catering successfully serves up expertly prepared quality food with a conscience.

Contact Information:
Ethnicity Catering Website
125, 920-36th St., NE
Calgary, Alberta
Telephone:+1 403 537 8809