- Mar 17, 2015
If you need a boost but would rather stay away from the potentially harmful chemicals found in many energy beverages, these healthy and revitalizing drinks make up a more natural selection to choose from. Whether you are looking for a new smoothie recipe or to change up your grocery list, store-bought products and homemade refreshments provide lots of options.

Incorporating superfoods such as chia seeds and quinoa make for heartier energy beverages, for example ChiaVie, Nuwi and caffeine-free Quinoa Gold. Other healthy energy drinks contain fruit, like berry and beetroot-containing nutritious blended beverages, salty avocado shakes and authentic cold-pressed juices. For those looking to avoid the over-caffeinated jitters or coffee-related anxiety, tea makes a great alternative. Citrusy tea beverages, bottled tea beverages and sugarless hibiscus teas are all examples of this.

From Organic Energizing Refreshments to Sparkling Stimulant Drinks: