EBOOST is a Blend of Vitamins, Minerals and Super-Nutrients

 - Mar 9, 2015
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EBOOST is a natural energy supplement that provides a boost in a way that helps stimulate a healthy lifestyle rather than detract from it. It's common for many of these products to be chock full of unnecessary sugars and other poor ingredients. As consumers become more health conscious and savvy, it's important to brands to meet them half way -- at the very least.

This natural energy supplement does more than that. A blend of vitamins, minerals and super-nutrients including Vitamins C, D, B6, B12 as well as 5-HTP, resveratrol, green tea and green coffee, EBOOST is available as both a powder and a liquid shot. Founders Josh Taekman and John McDonald say, "We spent years working with doctors, nutritionists and trainers to create the right blend of premium ingredients that not only delivers energy, but also helps with recovery and enhances focus and mood."