From Eccentric Manga Makeup to Glitter-Encrusted Men's Faces

 - Jun 5, 2009   Updated: May 3 2011
For the woman who likes to come on strong, flamboyant makeup is where it's at this season. The brighter, the more glittery, the darker, the more grandmother-offending, the better!

This cluster highlights some of the fiercest makeup, beauty and cosmetics looks we think could induce whiplash on the street, which this season, is just the way to go!

Implications - Heavy makeup has become even more commonplace now since some guys are now actually putting it on. Male musicians and the popularity of Japanese culture (music and manga) have been integral to making cosmetics popular and appropriate for all genders. It's a little tricky for businesses to market makeup to men; however, marketing it as a rock n' roll item will provide a counter-culture angle that even the manliest man will consider.