Artistic Mouth Glitter

 - Nov 19, 2008   Updated: May 4 2011
This collection of flaming and bejeweled lips are very artistic and extremely provocative.

I particularly like the jewelry-encrusted lips on the first image in the gallery, with the black nails, the pale skin and the overall Gothic look.

The entire collection is very aesthetically appealing and creative, and the explosive display of artistic workmanship and combination of colors is outstanding.

Implications - Jewelry has always been a statement on style, flair and class. Accessories often imply social status, and it appears that certain designers are going beyond rings and necklaces for something truly original. Diamond grills have already made a huge impact in hip hop, so perhaps the female alternative will be these mouth glitters. With all of the attention placed on blinged-out jewelry, consumers will always try to glamorize their bodies in even the most unusual of places.