- Feb 24, 2019
The February 2019 luxury fashion trends shed light into the world of haute couture and display how designers are taking cues from traditional and contemporary cultures to shape the future of high fashion.

A recurring element in the round-up is the bold references to artists and their creative works. For example, the runway saw a few instances of masterpiece-centric apparel. While emerging designer brand Namacheko hinted at Vincent Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, and Glen Brown through chic loose-fitting sweaters, Études took a more street-style contemporary approach to its Fall/Winter 2019 by embracing the intricate doodles of Keith Haring.

This tendency to mix high fashion with the art world extends to brand campaigns, as well — from Gucci's musical fashion project to Balmain's iconic photograph recreation.

From Travel-Centric Watches to Dramatic Urbanite Luggage: