From Kenyan Running Apparel to Explosive Ethical Jewelry

 - Nov 4, 2011
Fashion-focused social businesses are typically fairly vocal about the importance of fair trade and ethical practices. Fashion production stems from an industry that has been extremely tainted -- and rightfully so -- with stories of sweatshops and slavery. Many of these fashion-focused social businesses attempt to heal ruptured relationships between the so-called developing world and the so-called developed world. Others incorporate the ever-popular one-for-one model, which has been popularized in recent years by TOMS.

From Kenyan running apparel to opportunity-generating accessories, these fashion-focused social businesses are collectively changing the way the North American public looks at their relationship -- and implication with -- unethical conditions in the Majority World. Interestingly, with companies like Walmart (for better or for worse) thinking about incorporating fair trade into retail, turning a blind eye to dishonorable working conditions shouldn't be an option anymore.