The Bombolulu Workshops & Cultural Centre Empowers Artisans of All Abilities

 - Sep 23, 2011
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Based in Mombasa, Kenya, the Bombolulu Workshops & Cultural Centre is a non-profit organization which uses artisanry, craft-making and design to empower men and women of all abilities. The organization has been around for about forty years in some incarnation or another and is currently a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation.

Bombolulu has worked with bigwigs like People Tree to create the Wheelchair Campaign jewelry collection that takes gold to places its never been -- design-wise, of course. What's more, the group also creates leather goods like keychains, shoulder bags and sandals; textiles (chiefly, tote bags); and wood carvings ranging from salad spoons to children's toys and art structures.

While legally a non-profit, the Bombolulu Workshops & Cultural Centre is entirely self-sustaining, meaning it carries with it the ethos of the triple bottom line and the principles of a social business. In the end, its purpose is to "empower people with disability socially and economically, and to enable them realize their full potential in their lives," according to the Bombolulu website.

In order to achieve that goal, the Bombolulu Workshops & Cultural Centre relies on six core values to maintain a strong initiative that continues to succeed: fairness, excellence, empowerment, integrity, learning organization and team work. Call these their secrets of success -- except they're not so secret at all but rather, should be considered standard business and organizational practice. And hopefully one day, with more and more initiatives like Bombolulu, this will become the reality.

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Telephone: +(254) 20 2399716
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