'Creative Women' Supports Economic Independence in the Majority World

 - Sep 7, 2011
References: creativewomen.net & getmilkshake
Women's economic independence has been proven to do the best in terms of egalitarian international economic development and human well-being, which is why businesses like Creative Women are important for creating positive change in an empowering way.

Creative Women is a Vermont-based collective that, through partnerships and collaborations, helps to harness the art power of women in the Majority World by selling beautiful goods that are fair trade and often environmentally conscious. Currently, Creative Women, founded by Ellen Dorsch, works with six design studios in Mali, Ethiopia, Swaziland and Afghanistan.

"I believe that beautiful things are more beautiful when the people who make them are paid well and work in a safe environment," says Dorsch. Creative Women's products and story follow along with her ethos. From bed and bath accessories to tables and sarongs, the offering is filled with hand-woven intricate designs that scream bohemian beauty. On the people side, Creative Women has employed over 300 people -- and not simply designers and weavers. This includes maintenance workers, office staff and "tea ladies."

What's so important about Creative Women and organizations like it is its non-disruptive nature, and thus, its large-scale potential. Women around the world are able to use their traditional skills to create a long-term employment plan and a healthy and fulfilling life for their family. On the other side of the coin, women in the Western world -- who are known for being the top consumer -- are increasingly considering the impact they have on the environment and on people, which is again, what makes this initiative successful.

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