From Fresh Vegan Eats to Mobile Art Galleries

 - Oct 17, 2012
These fantastic food trucks point to the rapid spread of the now popular meals-on-wheels concept. Upscale menus and standard grilled cheese items have come to dominate some of the busiest streets in North America and Europe, encouraged in part by the Food Network's 'The Great Food Truck Race' and 'Eat Street.'

There is no end in sight to the creativity that abounds current food trucks. The mobile carts need an edge to stay relevant in the crowded market. Entrepreneurs have consequently opted for fresh vegan eats and traveling art galleries, attracting culinary enthusiasts in search of a unique dining experience.

Many of these on the go kitchens work with small snack-themed menus. Appetizers and single servings advance an informed sampling culture, perfect for the grazing gourmand.