From Retro Gangster Garb to Chic Hipster Party Looks

 - Aug 6, 2012
What makes a fabulous fedora? Personal style. This is exemplified through the hoards of celebrities making the fedora their own. From supermodel Erin Wasson to Kate Bosworth and all the chic ladies in between, the one thing that has seriously rocked the fedora trend is a touch of sass and a load of personal style.

Fedoras can be difficult to pull off -- it takes the right person to be able to incorporate it into their look without looking funny. However, throughout the past few years the fashion industry has come to re-embrace the fashion trend with open arms.

The unisex fashion has led to a variety of different menswears updating the fedora and many women's lines taking the look on for the first time. From high fashion to your locale retailer, there are a load of fedora styles available.