From Pre-Job Training Platforms to Tech-Free Team Building Events

 - Jun 23, 2015
For those hiring interns or full time employees, finding the right personality type and appropriate qualifications are just the first steps that follow the employee training process. While different companies adhere to specific training practices and rituals, the rise of Millennial employees makes technology crucial when preparing workers for new roles.

In addition to the rising popularity of virtual training seminars and skill-building employee workshops, a focus on team building and communication is also present among new age businesses who are looking to enforce employee training with a social aspect.

From tech-free team building events to female-empowering leadership conferences, young professionals are learning in a way that is more interactive than the traditional method of reading or taking notes. For those focused on convenience, mobile apps and web seminars strengthen core skills while infographics give both employers and employees an insight on what not to do when evolving in the workplace.