'Streaks' is a New Task-Oriented App for Helping Users Stick to Long-Term Goals

 - Jun 9, 2015
References: streaksapp & uncrate
'Streaks' is a new task-oriented app that is specifically designed to help you foster healthy daily habits and ultimately make long-term changes to your lifestyle. Whether it is learning a new language or simply flossing your teeth, the encouraging app will motivate you to stay on task and maintain your unbroken streak of completion.

Streaks works by first asking users to select up to six tasks that they wish to turn into daily habits. After a task has been completed, your streak will be extended. The idea behind the app is that habits are only formed when you continue to work on a task each day without breaking the cycle. If you do fail to complete a task, your streak will be reset to zero. Of course, not all tasks are meant to be done every single day, so the app has an extra feature for assigning certain tasks to specific days of the week.

Whether you need an extra motivational push or simply just a quick reminder, this clever task-oriented app is designed to help you achieve your long-term goals.