- Jun 23, 2012
Avid fish enthusiasts are going to get a kick out of these stunning dual purpose aquariums. While a gold-encrusted fish tank is sure to impress your peers, an aquarium inside a toilet will blow their minds.

Aquariums have the tendency to take up a lot of space, which may or may not be abundant where you live. If space is tight in your residence, these dual purpose aquariums will help save square footage with their cleverly integrated designs. Aquariums can also be built straight into the walls and furnishings of a home for a seamless pet abode -- just make sure you keep Nemo fed and his water changed.

Unlike most pets, fish require basic needs -- clean water, food and nestling nooks -- in order to survive. These dual purpose aquariums allow you to provide plush pads for your fish, while keeping your home spacious and clutter-free.

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