The Cesana Plano Acquario Allows You to Bathe With Your Fishy Friends

 - Mar 29, 2011
References: cesanausa & dvice
Although a very quirky concept, the Cesana Plano Acquario shower may be well overdue. I mean, with water being the common denominator between both a shower and an aquarium, it seems more related than one would first believe. Plus, people that have pets absolutely love them, even if they aren't cuddly. The Cesana Plano Acquario shower at least allows fish owners to stick close to them even when in the shower.

Custom built for each customer, one Cesana Plano Acquario shower is never going to be the same as the next. Although the fish tank concept is pretty cool, you can substitute it for a television or greenhouse if you aren't a fish person. Essentially, the glass box attachment to the Cesana Plana is very versatile.