Living Keychains Sold in China Feature Live Sea Creatures

 - Apr 3, 2011
References: odditycentral
Certain turtles and fish are considered good luck to Chinese people. Street vendors in China have been developing Living Keychains so people can start carrying around their good-luck charms.

These unique Living Keychains house Brazilian turtles or kingfish swimming in colored water. Although the packets contain nutrients for the fish, there is still a lack of oxygen, and animal rights enthusiasts are furious over this fact.

Laws in China only protect wild animals, which leaves these poor sea creatures out of the scope. The 7-cm miniature aquarium is not a fun place for these little guys to be. Sales of Living Keychains have been booming across China; however, there's a bunch of good people out there who are just buying them to let these fish and turtles be free.