- Jun 12, 2013
Adding a few trinkets to hang on your set of house or car keys is a creative way to infuse some personality into the mix, and these quirky keychain designs will definitely make a statement with its offbeat references.

While some people prefer to have as little visual distractions or bulky features on their keys as possible, others might look for something bold and eye-catching to make their set of keys look more interesting. These eccentrically designed keychains are shaped like all sorts of unique pop culture references and out-of-the-ordinary designs, adding a pop of flavor to any ordinary set of keys.

From keychains that resemble infamous Star Wars villains to those that are shaped like scrumptious desserts, these quirky key rings will make spotting your set of keys much easier.

From Smashed Vase Keychains to Sugary Key Ring Accents: