Let the Bike Pump Keychain Take Care of Your Deflated Tires

 - Sep 24, 2012
References: betterlivingthroughdesign & bookofjoe
Bikers in the city have no need to be intimidated by deflated tires as long as they have the bike pump keychain with them.

Tired of watching cyclists having to drag there airless-tired bikes across the street, Pat Ramey came up with an attachment that will let bikers connect to the air compressors at gas and fire stations. The device is small enough that it can easily be carried around like a normal key-ring accessory. To use the bike pump keychain it must be unscrewed from the ring and attached to the nozzle of a compressor hose and then to a bike tire. Once the silver metal piece is locked on, it is up to cyclists to keep their eye on the pressure gauge and determine when their tires are ready to go.